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Those who know me know I'm passionate about lists... - Richard Branson Entrepreneur
The list of what I want to do is so long, I would need a few lifetimes to achieve them. - Kalpana Chawla Astronaut, NASA
Lists are how I parse and manage the world. - Adam Savage Host, Mythbusters
If you're like me, I get hooked into to-do lists, you know. I'll say I checked that off. Okay, I did that. And you have all these things you're doing. - Jeff Bridges Actor
My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon. - Craig Bruce Entrepreneur
Lists are based on realism, on the coldly contemplated finitude of resources. - Elif Batuman Writer
The original lists were probably carved in stone and represented longer periods of time. They contained things like 'Get More Clay. Make Better Oven.' - David Viscott Writer

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