Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the meaning of "shtick"?

a person's special talent, interest, or area of activity.
"movies about ordinary women who do extraordinary things—that's my shtick"

Why Lists?

Lists are multicultural, multilingual, easy to understand and one of the most basic forms of communication.


What type of lists can I create on Shtick?

Shtick allows you to create any type of lists, about any subject. You can categorise your lists by adding topics (travel, movies, entertainment...)

Where do the automatic List cover photos and item photos come from?

Shtick automatically uploads the most popular google image search result of your list name or item name. You can modify the picture by uploading a picture of your own or selecting another picture from the google search (bottom right corner of the picture)

Can I upload my own pictures on Shtick?

Yes you can, you can upload your pictures by clicking on the upload icon on the bottom right corner button on a picture (next to the google search icon)

Can I upload my pictures after "checking-off an item"?

Yes, you can, in fact we encourage you to. It is a great way to inform your friends and your network of all the things you have been upto.

Where do the automatic topics come from?

Shtick suggests topics based on your list title. You can delete or add these topics at your convenience.

How many lists can I create?

As of now, you can create an unlimited number of lists

How many items can I add to one list?

As of now, you can create an unlimited number of items to a list

Can I add another user's list?

You can add another user's public list to your library and shtick items from that list. However, you cannot add or delete items from that list. The original creator still has control.

Can I add another user's items?

You can add another user's public items to a new or existing list, or simply add the item to your "unsorted items" list. These items can be deleted without affecting their original lists.


When can I create a challenge?

You can turn any list into challenge, even another user's public list. You can create as many challenges as you want from a single list.

Which challenges can I join?

You can participate to any challenge made public.

What happens to a challenge when the original list is modified?

After a challenge is created, new items added to the original list won't appear on the challenge.

Can I exit a challenge I've accepted?

Yes. In your library challenge view, you can click on the top right corner of a challenge and "un-participate" or "delete" if you are the creator

Other (Library, Unsorted, Quick Create)

What can I find in my library?

Your library contains all your lists, challenges, reminders and unsorted items.

What are unsorted items?

Unsorted items are items that do not belong to a specific list. They're added either from another user's public list, or from the "quick create" function on the top of your feed page

What is the quick create function?

The quick create function can be used to add an item either to a specific list or to the unsorted items list. It's a quick way to add items that you randomly think of without having to open a specific list and add a new item

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